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What happened to Carrie Ruffner?

What happened to Carrie Ruffner?, Long Hill, New Jersey: The search for a missing mother is underway but as of May 4, 2013, she has been missing for three days. Carrie Ruffner was last seen on Wednesday night, but her father reported her missing by midnight that night. She is recently widowed, so there are no estranged lovers that could be considered persons of interest, so what happened to her? Westchester News 12 shares the latest details in the case.

Carrie reportedly dropped her children off at her parents on Wednesday night but never returned, prompting them to report her missing. Search groups have combed the area, finding nothing in the search for the missing mother of twins. However, the recent focus is on the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge -- which is behind her home. Could something have led her to that area under false circumstances, i.e. a predator of sorts? Was she abducted by someone? Or could she be battling depression over the recent loss of her husband?

Anyone with information on this missing woman is encouraged to contact the Long Hill Township Police Department at (908) 647-1800. Carrie Ruffner reportedly stands at around 5'7" and weighs around 130 lbs., with hazel eyes and blonde hair. She has broad shoulders and an athletic build, and was last seen wearing black slacks and a black jacket. Her home was reportedly cordoned off with police tape, indicating that it's currently being investigated as a potential crime scene. However, no official clarifications have been made on whether or not foul play is suspected.

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